behind the scenes

Get a wider view of what is going on behind and around the camera that made these shots possible

Diving Osprey

The Story


On this particularly windy day about 15 Ospreys flew over this spot.  I was originally looking for a Belted Kingfisher to fly in but the Ospreys stole the show.  Of the 15, only one stopped and took a stab at a fish.  His psych-out made me lose tracking so I didn't get any good shots of the dive but I was able to get him back in frame for his exit.  The resulting shots are shown at the end of the video and one of them is in the Bird gallery.

Curious Sandpiper

The Story


High tide and a hefty rain left a nice tidal pool at a local park.  A pair of Least Sandpipers had the whole pond to themselves and, once they got used to me laying in the tall grass, were wandering about looking for tasty morsels.  Once in a while a Solitary Sandpiper flew in but was too timid to stick around for long.  The ants chewed up my ankles a bit but that was a small price to pay for the shots I got.  (in my opinion)


The Elusive Belted Kingfisher

The Story


We set up in a spot that we were sure the neighborhood Kingfisher would perch after extensive observation and frustration.  This video starts after she finally flew in.  Unfortunately my line of sight was partially blocked by the hanging foliage in front of me.   And to add insult to injury, I missed the shot of her dive because I didn't see a protruding branch next to my head and when I shifted right, I rammed that dumb thing right into the side of my head.  Sometimes Thats just they way it goes.

FBeltedKingfisher02 HH-092920.jpg